Vizilite Plus

visiliteDr. Eiswert at Smilemakers can now screen for oral cancer during your routine examination. As with any form of cancer, early detection gives the patient the greatest chance of early medical intervention. Early intervention leads to greatest chance for a cure. VizilitePlus is a painless procedure which does not require local anesthesia. The VizilitePlus system at Smile Makers enables early detection of mouth cancer. The importance of routine dental visits cannot be stressed enough. Unfortunately, like many serious diseases, oral cancer does not hurt. A white patch in suspicious areas such as the side of the tongue, or in other areas in the mouth must not be ignored. Without evaluation from a dental professional like Dr. Joseph E. Eiswert,the cancer may go unnoticed by the patient until it is in an advanced state. Any ulcer that does not readily heal in the mouth or white patch needs professional evaluation.

Smile Makers now has state of the art VizilitePlus to give patients the best diagnostic tools for early detection of oral cancer. Oral cancer statistics are concerning with one patient being diagnosed with oral cancer every hour in the United States. If you are at a higher risk for oral cancer, Dr. Eiswert may use this wonderful diagnostic tool. Feel free to give Smile Makers a call for a free consultation. Remember cancer has a better overall survival rate if detected early.

How does VizilitePlus work?

The lining of our mouth tells a lot about the health of a patient. The inside of the mouth is supposed to be shiny and pink with no white spots, red spots or ulcerations. Slight changes in texture and color are not easily detectible with our untrained eye, that’s why it’s important to have a thorough oral examination by your local family dentist. With VizilitePlus, a combination of an oral swab with a cell staining substance and a light are used to “light up” areas of suspicion on the oral mucosa. With this aid Dr. Eiswert can then make the decision to biopsy the area of concern or refer you to a specialist.

The Biopsy

If there is a suspicious area in any of the examined areas or if the VizilitePlus detects cancer, Dr. Eiswert may recommend a biopsy. There are a few ways to perform a biopsy. The incisional biopsy is performed when just a small piece of tissue is removed under local alone or with some form of sedation. The small piece of tissue is placed in a formaldehyde solution and sent to the oral pathologist. An excisional biopsy is when the entire lesion is removed. If the lesion is suspect, a wider margin is taken. Dr. Eiswert will discuss all your options at the consultation and examination if a biopsy is required.

Signs of Oral Cancer

  • Painless Mouth Sores
  • White patches on sides of the tongue
  • White sores behind last molar on bottom jaw
  • Non-healing mouth ulcers
  • Lumps or bumps in the mouth
  • Rapidly enlarging painless lumps in mouth
  • Numbness of tongue or lips

Preventive Dental Care with VizilitePlus

Technological advances in medicine and dentistry has led to the development of the VizilitePlus oral cancer screening tool. Is your dentist cutting edge? Smile Makers in Apple Valley and Silver Lakes will give you and your loved ones all the advantages of the scientific breakthrough in early cancer detection with the VizilitePlus system. Even before certain cancers are visible to the naked eye, VizilitePlus will help screen for this dreaded disease . Small abnormal oral sores or white spots should not be taken lightly. Call Smile Makers and give you and your family every opportunity to have long healthy lives by scheduling your routine dental examination which may include the VizilitePlus oral cancer screening.