Hey everyone!!!

Just wanted to tell you what an awesome staff you have! My dentist, Dr. Eiswert has been my dentist for a few years and let me tell you he saved me from a horrendous experience I had prior to going to him.

I have a medical condition which I’ve had for 21 years and to be able to go to a facility where you can be welcomed so honestly means a lot to someone like me, or to anyone from children to adults.

I highly recommend Dr. Eiswert to anyone since they sure have had they’re hands full having to repair the damage my prior dentist did to me. You hear of horror stories? Well that was me and at the age of 60 you can’t afford to be traumatized any further.

The staff at Dr. Eiswert’s is a safe, honest facility I would again recommend anyone to, whether you’ve had bad experiences or just plain need a great Dentist to go to. I only wish I had found Dr. Eiswert’s facility sooner, then I wouldn’t have gone through this nightmare.

Thanks so much to all of you.

“Smile Makers has helped my family have great looking smiles for almost two decades”

Connie Riveratestimonial-mecah

I have to admit that I was never one to go to the dentist on a regular basis, only when I was in terrible pain. I happened to find Dr. Eiswert flipping through the Yellow Pages and it happened to be the best choice I could have made. Dr. Eiswert is truly compassionate and caring with his patients needs.

Believe me I’m definitely a hard one to make calm or relaxed while sitting in a dentist chair! The entire staff is wonderful. It has now been 31/2 years that my family has been going to Dr. Eiswert regularly.

My children love going to the dentist and I am so thankful. I owe that and our now beautiful smiles to Dr. Eiswert and his staff.

David Hill SAG / AFTRA Actortestimonial-david-hill

After dealing and overcoming some major health issues back in the late 90’s, I had adopted some gum problems due to side effects of the medications that I need to take. This all left my mouth in an unhealthy condition. The diagnosis from my dentist at that time was that I had developed periodontal disease. I began making 4 visits annually to my dentist office for a deep cleaning. I continued to have residing and swollen gums, as well as bleeding when brushing. Clearly there was something going on. My dentist, at the time, recommended a Sonic Water-pic and the usual flossing and of course brushing. I did some or all of this at least twice daily, while continuing to make quarterly visits to the dental office.

Still, unable to turn my numbers around, (you know 5 to a 3, 6 to a 3 and so forth). Eventually we added a treatment that required receiving site injections, an antibiotic to keep the gums healthy. I would need to do injections every 6 to 8 months and they were costly. The injections were just short-term solutions to an on going dental problem. My numbers would get better for a few months, 2’s 3’s and a couple of 4’s around some crowns I have. Keep in mind I was going to the dentist 4 times a year for deep cleaning and doing all the other daily mouth care, as well as the antibiotic injections every few months to keep the periodontal disease at bay. I did this for nearly 10 years.

About a year ago I moved here to So Cal and since it was no longer an option to continue my visits to the dentist up North. I did an extensive search to find a qualified dentist that not only provided regular dental visits but also help me with my ongoing periodontal disease.

Finally, after making many phone calls I received a referral from another dental office to a Dr. Eiswert. When I called the receptionist there listened to my concerns and scheduled an appointment. Long story short after a good deep cleaning from the hygienist and some x-rays, the doctor himself mentioned a new treatment. He mentioned there is a brand new product out that could help me with my ongoing gum problems. He told me about Perio-Med. This product would gradually improve the overall condition of my gums, (not just targeted areas as in the past). He was clear with me that I would have to commit to it use. Initially I would have to use the product at least twice a day for a few months. No problem, I responded.

After being fitted for the trays and using the product for 3 months, we found that there was obvious improvement to my gums and even better my entire mouth.

When I went in for my 6 month check up and cleaning, the hygienist noted that not only has there been a definite improvement of my ongoing problem areas and well I’ll put it her words, “really not much to clean”. Wow, I had not heard those words in years with regards to a dental visit.

It has been nearly a year now I continue the use of the Perio-Med at least 4 to 5 a week. Now I find it’s better to do a treatment before bed because my mouth stays cleaner through the night, as opposed to day. Obvious reasons. Initially I would have to use the trays after breakfast, leave them in while commuting to work and again at bedtime.

It really was a matter of time when the results of my use of Perio-Protect showed to have a positive impact on my periodontal problem.

Now in check, my numbers are 2’s and 3’s. Cleanings are easy enough, no bleeding! Only making 2 visits to Smile Makers a year, not 3 or 4, as in years past. And the icing on the cake, for me, Perio-Protect has a bonus benefit. Besides healthier gums and mouth my teeth are whiter and brighter without having to do any extra procedures. All this just makes me want to share my smile. I guess that’s why Dr. Eiswert office is called SMILE MAKERS.