Sports Mouthguards

sport-mouthgardsIf you or your child plays hard in whatever contact sport your smile deserves protection. Playsafe Sports Mouthguards offer the ultimate tooth protection for those that play their sports hard. Dr Eiswert and SmileMaker offer this product. Some of the features of the Playsafe Sports Mouthguards include rounded and highly polished edges, high quality polymer for resiliency, customized fit for the bottom teeth as well as your own name engraved in the mouthguard. Call SmileMakers today to get fitted for your Playsafe Mouthguard. You will not be sorry!

Independently tested and assessed by universities and relied upon by elite athletes worldwide, A Playsafe Mouthguard gives you proven state of the art protection to reduce the risk of injury along with providing the comfort you or your child needs while engaging in impact sports.

Playsafe Mouthguards fit exactly onto the teeth. This mouthguard is completely customized and does not move during high impact play. An added feature is that it allows you to breathe freely and speak normally.

A mouthguard is essential for protecting your teeth when playing sport. Only a moulded, custom made mouthguard will guarantee the best protection from impacts. Playsafe Mouthguards are convenient, highest quality and best of all, are affordable. SmileMakers is now offering afforable Mouthguards in Apple Valley and Silver Lake. For the best deal on sports guards in Los Angeles, call SmileMaker for a free consultation.

To assure you the comfort, protection and ease of wearing a Playsafe Mouthguard, every Playsafe Mouthguard is custom fabricated specifically for you. Ask Dr. Eiswert at SmileMaker if a Playsafe mouthguard is right for you or your child.

Why wear a mouthguard?

Boxing is thought to have been the first sport to use Gumshields or Tooth Guards as they were then called. The original Gumshield or Toothguard was no more than a preformed rubber rim that fitted over the top teeth. Technology has improved since those early days of tooth protection and we are now able to make Playsafe Custom Made Sports Mouthguards that fit like a glove, are not bulky and allow easy speech.

Human teeth are the least capable part of the human body to repair themselves after an injury. Sports injury to the mouth and sports related teeth injury is growing every day. Professional athletes are viewed as role models and often are seen wearing mouthguards. Awareness of dental injury through the media is more prevalent and a growing concern of college sports organizaions as well as professional sports.

Anyone that participates in a contact sport is vulnerable to a dental Injury. Contact sports include such sports as Football, Field Hockey, Kick Boxing, Ice Hockey, etc. especially any sport where a player is likely to make contact with a hard object. The solution is to wear a Playsafe Custom Made Mouthguard. custom mouthguard minimize the chance of irritation mouth sores or mouth ulcers from ill fitting mouthguards.

Protect Costly Dental Treatment in Progress

Many young sports players are undergoing orthodontic treatment and wear fixed or removable braces. They need to protect their investment in their mouth by wearing a Playsafe Mouthguard. Contact sports can result in a sudden impact to the face or mouth resulting in injury of the soft tissue of the oral cavity from lacerations of the inside of the cheeks and lips from the orthodontic wires.

The Playsafe Mouthguard is a Hi-Tech Custom Made Sports Mouthguard which is made by using several layers of different plastics which are pressure laminated together like laminated glass so as to make a very impact absorbing mouthguard. For instance the Heavy Type Playsafe Mouthguard contains Resilient Energy Transmission Lines which are placed over the delicate areas of the biting surfaces of the teeth and will rebound and accelerate the transmission of the destructive energy away from the site of impact thus enhancing the mouthguards protection of the teeth.