We offer the following products in our office

Lumineers by Cerinate


Lumineers are a quick and painless solution to a not so nice smile. If you have stained misshapen or unsightly spacing between your front teeth in your smile line, and do not want the traditional veneers or crowns which remove enamel, then Lumineers are for you. Lumineers are as simple as two easy dental visits. On the first visit, a very specific mold is taken of your teeth. The correct shade is chosen as well. The mold will enable the creation of a veneer. The second visit the Lumineers are ready for attachment to your teeth. This is accomplished by bonding to your enamel. No dental injection or destruction of enamel is necessary as in traditional veneers. Lumineers requires a mild etching process and light curing to bond the Lumineers to your teeth. A transformed smile is that simple with Lumineers. Dr. Joseph E, Eiswert at SmileMaker is a certified Lumineer cosmetic dentist. Call for an appointment today. The consultation is free!




Today more than ever the first impression you make on a potential employer or social contact is so important. Studies show that the smile is the first focus of a new contact. You can not afford to have stained or unsightly teeth. Maybe you have tried over the counter teeth whitening toothpastes or bleaching strips. These take time , fade, and often do not produce the results you want. A bright healthy glowing smile is a visit away at SmileMakers. Dr. Joseph E. Eiswert and his team at Smile Makers have the revolutionary smile whiting Zoom! Just as its name suggests, the teeth Zoom! white in less than an hour of chair time. Zoom! technology is quite unique. Rather than having to withstand weeks of bad tasting bleach trays, the Zoom! utilizes a light system in combination with a specially formulated bleach material only available with Zoom! to bring your teeth up 8 shades in less than an hour. So what are you waiting for? Call now for a free consultation to see if Zoom! technology is right for you!


invisalign258x93You are told you need braces and you dread the idea of a metal mouth or your lifestyle will not allow the appearance of full orthodontic wires. The news is that you do not have to deprive yourself of that picture perfect smile. With Invisalign, there is no sharp wires or unsightly metal. With Invisalign you have the comfort to know that your teeth are transforming into the optimal alignment. How is this done? Invisalign utilizes models of your teeth to customize clear trays that are worn then changed every two weeks with a new position slightly more angled toward the final optimal tooth position. The Invisalign trays can be removed and cleaned, allowing you to brush better as well. Invisalign is a clear and removable solution to traditional orthodontics. Dr Joseph E. Eiswert is a certified Invisalign cosmetic dentist in the Apple Valley and Helendale area. With Invisalign, seeing the right dentist is important. At SmileMaker Dr. Joseph E Eiswert and his knowledgable staff are waiting for you to call to see if Invisalign is the right orthodontic correction for you.


vizilite-jpg-212x74SmileMaker utilizes Vizilite Plus to give patients the best diagnostic tools for early detection of oral cancer. Oral cancer statistics are concerning with one patient being diagnosed with oral cancer every hour in the United States. With Vizilite Plus a combination of an oral swab with a cell staining substance and a light are used to “light up” areas of suspicion on the oral mucosa. With this aid the dentist can then make the decision to biopsy the area of concern or refer you to a specialist. If you are at a higher risk for oral cancer your dentist may use this wonderful diagnostic tool. Feel free to give SmileMaker a call for a free consultation. Remember cancer has a better overall survival rate if detected early.

Playsafe Sports Mouthguards

playsafe-jpg-231x74If you or your child plays hard in whatever contact sport your smile deserves protection. Playsafe Sports Mouthguards offer the ultimate tooth protection for those that play their sports hard. Dr. Eiswert and SmileMaker offer this product. Some of the features of the Playsafe Sports Mouthguards include rounded and highly polished edges, high quality polymer for resiliency, customized fit for the bottom teeth as well as your own name engraved in the mouthguard. Call SmileMaker today to get fitted for your Playsafe Mouthguard. You will not be sorry!


carecredit-logo[1]-gif-231x62Need the best payment but can’t afford to put down a lump sum for your healthcare? Let CARECREDIT help. CARECREDIT is a credit card for healthcare. Participating healthcare providers that are members of CARECREDIT allow you to make monthly payments by several different options of payment. There is no prepayment penalty and some offices offer various promotional options. dr. Joseph E. Eiswert of SmileMakers accepts CARECREDIT so there are no more excuses to put off great dental care. Call today to see if you qualify.


imtecMDI-jpg-226x104Do you wear a denture and can not seem to keep it in place? Does your denture rattle around in your mouth when you speak or eat? IMTEC mini implant system may be the solution to your problem. Dr. Joseph E. Eiswert at Smile Makers is highly trained in the placement of IMTEC mini implants. This revolutionary patented implant allows the implants to be placed and within an hour you can wear your denture right over them. Like magic your denture no longer moves when you talk or eat. Call SmileMaker today for a free consultation to see if you are a candidate for the IMTEC mini implant system for denture retention.