The Oral Examination Prevents Oral Cancer and Disease

Dr. Eiswert at Smile Makers in Apple Valley and Silver Lakes is highly skilled in performing oral examinations. The oral examination consists of a thorough palpation of the neck, cheeks, salivary glands gums and back of the throat. When the neck is examined, Dr. Eiswert is making sure there are no enlarged lymph nodes. An enlarged lymph node is a sign of an infectious process or possibly oral cancer. The lining of the cheeks are checked for white spots or lesions, ulcerations lumps or bumps. Any lump or bump in the cheeks can indicate infection or even a salivary gland tumor. The trained eyes of Dr.Eiswert with his years of education goes beyond the dental school years. Dr. Eiswert takes above and beyond the requirements of dental continuing education. For this reason you can feel confident entrusting your family in his hands during an oral examination.

The mouth examination consists of examining the tongue as well. The examination of the tongue is crucial since oral cancer can lurk on the sides of the tongue as painless white patches. This is an area which you may never see or feel until it is too late. The tongue examination is performed by firmly holding the tongue with a piece of gauze. Dr. Eiswert will then pull your tongue out of the mouth to the left and to the right. The incidence of tongue cancer is higher on the lateral or side and the back or posterior of the tongue. Any white spot in this area must be further investigated by biopsy. Other areas of the oral cavity that may be at higher risk of mouth cancer is the back of the lower jaw just behind the last tooth. The is called the retromolar pad.

Who Gets Mouth Cancer?

It is true that people who use smokeless tobacco or chewing tobacco, cigarettes, pipes, and cigars in conjunction with alcohol consumption have a higher incidence of mouth cancer. Be aware however that any lifestyle is not spared by oral cancer. Statistics show that 25% of patients with forms of mouth cancer do not smoke or drink.

Signs Of Oral Cancer

The importance of routine dental visits cannot be stressed enough. Unfortunately like many serious diseases, oral cancer does not hurt. A white patch in suspicious areas such as the side of the tongue, retromolar pad area must not be ignored. Without evaluation from a dental professional, the cancer may go unnoticed by the patient until it is in an advanced state. Any ulcer that does not readily heal in the mouth or white patch needs professional evaluation.

Preventive Dental Care Saves Lives

Research along with technological advances in medicine and dentistry allows dentists and physicians to move closer to spotting early stages of cancer. Small abnormal oral sores or white spots should not be taken lightly. Call Smile Makers and give you and your family every opportunity to have long healthy lives by scheduling your routine dental examination.