Lumineers by Cerinate

lumineersAre you embarrassed when you smile? Do you worry what your future employer will say when they see your front teeth? The smile is so very important to not only your oral health and well being but to your success in the work force. Studies show that two potential candidates for the same job with identical resumes and experiences, one with a bad, dull smile and one candidate with a sparkling healthy smile are not equal candidates for the same position. The person with the healthy glowing smile wins the position.

Dr. Joseph E. Eiswert at SmileMaker conveniently located in Apple Valley and Helendale, CA wants to help you get that competitive edge by giving you the smile you deserve.

We at SmileMaker specialize in the healthy aesthetic smile with minimum down time. Dr. Joseph E. Eiswert and his proficient dental team understand that with the economy, every potential college graduate or job seeker needs to be a notch above the rest. With a sparkling smile, you have that one up on your competitor for any job!

How Does Lumineers Work?

First, Dr. Eiswert will perform a through examination. This is done in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by Dr. Joseph Eiswert’s friendly staff. At SmileMaker we understand that going to the dentist should not be a fearful experience. Perhaps you have had uncomfortable dental experiences in the past. Once you step foot into the SmileMaker family in Apple Valley and Helendale, you will feel relaxed and in good hands.

Lumineers are a quick and painless solution to a not so pretty smile. If during your examination, Dr. Eiswert finds you have stained misshapen or unsightly spacing between your front teeth in your smile line, and do not want the traditional veneers or crowns which remove enamel, then Lumineers are for you.

How long does Lumineers take?

Once Dr. Eiswert has reviewed the treatment with you and has determined that Lumineers are right for your smile, Lumineers are as simple as two easy dental visits. On the first visit, a very specific mold is taken of your teeth. The correct shade is chosen as well. The mold will enable the creation of a veneer. On the second visit the Lumineers are ready for attachment to your teeth. This is accomplished by bonding to your enamel.

Do Lumineers Hurt?

The best part of the Lumineers is that they do not require the dental injection. No dental enamel is penetrated or destroyed like traditional veneers. Instead, Lumineers requires a gentle etching process with light curing to bond the Lumineers to your teeth.

Lumineers Expert in Apple Valley and Helendale

What makes one cosmetic dentist steps ahead of the rest? Why should you seek an aesthetic dentist in Apple Valley for your cosmetic dental needs? The answer is simple -experience. Smile Makers and Dr. Joseph E. Eiswert with his years of expert training makes him the Premier Cosmetic Dentist in the Apple Valley and Helendale, CA region. San Bernadino County has state-of-the art technology in all aspects of dentistry and medicine. Apple Valley is fortunate to have Dr. Eiswert and SmileMaker. If you live in Los Angeles, CA or San Bernardino County why pay high city prices for a good smile? Joseph E. Eiswert D.M.D. offers economy dental veneers and is a few miles from Los Angeles and San Bernardino with big city dental pricing.

Local Family Dentist in San Bernardino County

You can count on SmileMaker to have the cutting-edge in dental technology right in your own community. Lumineers dentists require additional training. Dr. Eiswert is a Lumineers trained cosmetic dentist in Apple Valley, CA. Joseph E. Eiswert D.M.D. is also conveniently located in in Helendale, CA. Make SmileMaker your Local Family Dentist in Apple Valley and Helendale. Call or request an appointment today by phone at 760-242-7800 or use our always secure on line appointment request for a free consultation for a Perfect Smile!

Expert Lumineers Dentist in Apple Valley, CA and Los Angeles

Getting started with Lumineers is simple. Call SmileMaker now and get scheduled for a free consultation. We at SmileMaker want to help you achieve your cosmetic dental goal. We focus on your smile. A transformed smile is that simple with Lumineers. Dr. Joseph E. Eiswert at SmileMaker is a certified Lumineer Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles. Call for an appointment today. The consultation is free! 760-242-7800 in Apple Valley, CA or 760-245-5704 in his beautiful Helendale office.

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