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Dr. Joseph Eiswert



Dr. Eiswert is honored to have you part of his SmileMaker’s family. When a patient is committed to improving their smile, Dr. Eiswert takes responsibility in making your cosmetic dentistry dreams come true.

Growing up in central PA, Dr. Eiswert always enjoyed working with his hands. Gardening and fishing as a young boy, Dr. Eiswert found an increasing interest in the workings of the human body as he entered college. Combining art and science, Dr. Joseph Eiswert pursued an interest in biology with an interest in the medical and dental field. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology in 1983. Leaving all options opened, he sat for both the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and Dental Aptitude Test (DAT). Unsurprisingly, Dr. Joseph Eiswert was a candidate for both medical and dental schools. After much deliberation and discussions with his own personal dentist, he realized he could make positive changes to people’s lives in the field of cosmetic dentistry.The decision was made and he applied to dental schools and received acceptance.

Dr. Joseph Eiswert – Distinguished Graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry

Based on the long history of Temple University and its location in the historic city of our founding fathers, Dr. Eiswert decided to spend his dental school years in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Dr. Eiswert attended Temple University Dental School and graduated in 1989. At Temple University, Dr. Eiswert was a natural born leader and motivator. He served as class president from 1986-1989. As president, he realized the impact he could make on the student body. As president, he represented his fellow classmates and was so well liked he was reelected for four years.

Upon graduation, Dr. Eiswert evolved into a well rounded general dentist with a global understanding of the dental profession and what impact he may have on his future patients and colleagues as well. Dr. Eiswert prospered and enjoyed his time in Philadelphia but he always had a desire to be in sunny California and to serve his country.

California Dentist Dr. Joseph E. Eiswert -Expert Cosmetic Dentist in Apple Valley, CA

Dr. Joseph Eiswert always wanted to explore the wonders of California. Having a strong desire to serve his country, Dr. Eiswert entered the United States Air Force, serving as a Captain dental officer at George Air Force Base from 1989-1992. He really enjoyed the camaraderie of his fellow officers still missing them to this very day. He also enjoyed watching all those F-4’s flying around the beautiful southern CA skies. Upon his commitment completion in 1992, Dr. Eiswert established a dental practice in the area and has been practicing and refining his skills in dentistry for over two decades. Call Dr. Eiswert today for an appointment 760-242-7800.
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Dr. Eiswert Pilot in Southern California

One of Dr. Eiswert’s dreams was to be able to fly a plane. His dream came true this year when he received his pilots license. Dr. Eiswert is as natural a pilot as he is a cosmetic dentist. Dr. Joseph Eiswert enjoys flying over his home town of Apple Valley and Helendale, CA in his classic plane or taking a leisurely afternoon flight with his wife Rachel. One of his dreams is to someday fly the skies himself bringing his dental expertise to under served areas around the United States and the world.

Dr. Joseph Eiswert a Family Man

Dr. Eiswert and his beautiful wife Rachel have two sons and three daughters. They are the joys of his life. Relaxation for Dr. Eiswert is time with his family exploring the outdoors hiking, fishing, traveling, playing ping pong and tennis. He has an inherent love of animals, having 3 dogs, chickens and a whole bunch of fish.

Dr. Joseph wants you to be part of his SmileMakers family

If you are looking for a talented, well rounded cosmetic dentist that can see the true beauty in your smile, call Dr. Joseph E. Eiswert conveniently located in Apple Valley and Helendale and become part of the SmileMakers family. You will not be sorry.

Graduate Degree: D.M.D.
Doctor of Dental Medicine Temple University School of Dentistry 1989

  • Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Millersville State College 1983
  • USAF Captain