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Dental Topics

Preventative Care
Care delivered by dental professionals for the maintenance of a healthy oral cavity. This includes a dental exam performed by a licensed dentist with or without radiographic (X-rays) support; as well as, some type of dental cleaning by either the dentist or dental hygienist.

Digital X-rays
Radiographs that are taken with an intraoral filmless sensor and computer often at a faster speed than film based X-rays (radiographs) which exposes the patient to less radiation. Time is saved since there is no need for developing the film.

Cosmetic dentistry
A general term indicating all dentistry that enhances or maintains a person’s oral esthetics. Some example includes invisible braces, tooth colored fillings, tooth colored crowns and veneers.

Mini Dental Implants
Designation of an implant that has a diameter and/or length that is smaller than the traditional “full” body implant. MDI’s as they often are called are especially beneficial in the medically compromised patient or in a person whose jaw bone width and/or height is insufficient for the full body implants. Among other things, MDI’s are very useful for denture stabilization.

Porcelain veneers
A thin, mainly front surface restoration that is bonded onto the teeth to enhance the appearance of the teeth. The following enhancements can be often achieved with veneers: closing of spaces, widening of the teeth, lengthening of the teeth, creation of ideal shape of the teeth, and changing the color of the teeth (whiter teeth if desired).

A pressed porcelain veneer constructed by Den Mat which allows less tooth reduction due the strength of the porcelain despite that it is often less thick than a traditional veneer.

Dental crowns/bridges
A cemented or bonded full tooth restoration that is designed to replace one or more teeth. The crown and/or bridge fits over an often compromised tooth (broken, or cavity riddled) and is “permanently” cemented or bonded in place. It is designed to replace and/or strengthen a tooth area to normal function and is often used to improve esthetics also.

ZOOM/Teeth Whitening
An in office procedure to whiten the shading of a patients teeth. Zoom is a brand name by Discus Dental. The procedures involve the application of a peroxide based chemical on the teeth with the addition of a specialized activator light. No harm is caused to the teeth. A transient sensitivity may follow usually not lasting beyond 24 hours.

Invisible braces
A general term that refers to any orthodontic technique whereby the means to straighten the teeth involves the use of dental materials that are difficult to see. This could include the use of plastic type trays, ceramic brackets, or tooth colored wires. An example of clear plastic trays by Invisalign are called Aligners.

Endodontics/Root Canal
A dental procedure whereby the insides of the tooth which is the nerve and blood vessels are removed and replaced with a man made filling material. This seal often allows the tooth to be more comfortable and retained in the mouth for a longer period of time.

Vizilite Plus
A type of oral cancer screening exam whereby a patient rinses with a diluted acetic acid (raspberry vinaigrette like) to condition the oral soft tissues. Then, the dental professional, can view the conditioned tissues with a specific glow stick light searching for any changes in appearance of the tissues. A positive result will often result in additional testing including the possibility of a biopsy or referral to an oral surgeon or other specialist.

Restorative Dentistry
A term indentifying the removal of an existing filling and placement of a new restorative material (filling) in a tooth. Similar or dissimilar materials may be used. Silver fillings (amalgam) may be removed and a tooth colored (bonding) fillings can be placed often resulting in an improvement of esthetics.

A specialty of dentistry that involves the repositioning of teeth from their current positions with the use of one or more of the following: plastic trays, brackets, wires, elastics, appliances and springs.

Children and Infant care/Pediatric Dentistry
The area of dentistry that refers to dental treatment delivered to young children thru the age of 18. Prevention, interceptive, and restorative treatment are all completed during this period of life.

A resin based dental material that is applied to the pits and grooves in the top of back (posterior) teeth and then hardened providing a “seal” so that there is a decreased probability of the tooth getting a cavity in the pits and grooves.

Primary TMJ treatment
Often the initial therapy provided via splint fabrication and wear with the possible adjunctive use of medicines to allow the patients tempromandibular joint area to become less painful and more comfortable.

Periodontal/Gum disease
Terms used to describe the area of dentistry and/or protocols that treat the tissues around a tooth or teeth. Gum disease refers to a less than healthy state of the gum (gingiva) tissue and/or bone directly adjacent to the teeth. Often bleeding gums are a leading indicator to the presence of gum disease.

Smile Enhancement
A general term for the use of dental procedures and/or plastic surgery procedures to improve the overall esthetics of a patient’s smile.

Oral Surgery
A specialty of dentistry limited to the procedures delivered by an oral surgeon, has now become a reference to those dental procedures involving the hard and soft tissues of the mouth associated with the use of a scalpel, laser or some type of cutting device in the removal of either hard or soft tissues in the mouth (oral cavity).

A removable dental restoration that replaces one or more teeth. A complete denture replaces approximately 14 teeth in either the upper or lower jaw and is often constructed entirely of some type of acrylic. A partial denture replaces less than 14 teeth (sometimes just one tooth) and is often constructed of all plastic, acrylic and wires, or a cast framework with acrylic. All are designed to improve a person function and often esthetics too.

Extractions/Wisdom teeth
The removal of the wisdom teeth or the 3rd molars or any other of the teeth. Often the wisdom teeth come in last or late in life (17-25 years of age on average) and sometimes remain either partially erupted and/or impacted (un-erupted). Due to the lack of room for eruption, wisdom teeth are frequently extracted.

Mouth guards/Playsafe
A dental device that is worn over the teeth to prevent injury to the teeth due to impact especially useful in any sport which may result in physical contact with the lips and/or teeth such as football, kickboxing, basketball and hockey. Playsafe is a brand name mouth guard by the Glidewell Corp. that specializes in custom sports mouth guards.

Bone Grafts
A defining those dental materials and/or procedures where a material is placed in the jaw bone of the patient to enhance the shape, density, or size of the jaw bone. Although these procedures are not limited to, they are often used in association with implant placement, or extractions.

TheraSnore Appliance
A type of dental orthotic (appliance) which is customized to a patient’s upper front and lower front teeth. The appliance holds the lower jaw forward during use to open the posterior airway space reducing or eliminating snoring.

Dental Trauma
Usually the result of either an intentional or accident; usually caused by some type of force impact on the lips, teeth, and or gums resulting in an injury. Often requires interceptive treatment such as extractions, root canals, crowns, bridges, implants, and/or stabilization via bonding or limited orthodontics.

A general term referring to the application of tooth colored dental materials which “stick” bond to the tooth to either repair a broken tooth, fix a cavity, replace an existing defective filling (restoration), glue (bond) a crown, or other restoration onto a tooth.

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