Ten Reasons to Visit Dr. Joseph Eiswert – Best Dentist in Apple Valley

Ever wonder what it takes to be voted the best dentist in your community? Ask Dr. Joseph Eiswert. He was recently voted the best dentist in Apple Valley by the people of the desert. We need to understand what an honor it is being voted the best local family dentist. Why should we support a professional that holds this title is self evident and is worth discussion.

QUALITY: Smilemakers of Helendale and Apple Valley has been the gold standard of dentistry. It is dentistry the way it is supposed to be. State -of-the- art procedures to accommodate the patient that demands the best for themselves and their family. Did you know that in the world of dental materials such as porcelain, gold and precious metals there are different qualities? Smilemakers uses only the best laboratories for dental crowns, dental bridges, and teeth whitening products. Not all dentists are the same. Ask the thousands of people that voted Dr. Joseph Eiswert and his caring staff the Best Dentist of the Desert.

INTEGRITY: When we bring our family to any local health care professional, we develop a doctor patient bond that keeps us coming back for years to come. Ask the people of Apple Valley what they think of Dr. Joseph Eiswert and the Smilemakers team. The local families voted him the best in his class and that means Dr. Eiswert has earned the trust of the community. His integetiy is second to none. Always truthful, he and his dental team will provide you the best dental treatment in Apple Valley and Silver Lakes.

AVAILABILITY: Have you ever had a dental emergency? Whether it is a toothache from infected wisdom teeth requiring emergency teeth extraction in Apple Valley and the neighboring towns or a broken front tooth, you know how important it is to be able to pick up the phone or email your local family dentist and receive an immediate response. The people of Apple Valley of all walks of life have voted Smilemakers the best dentist surpassing hundreds of others in the community. One of the reasons is that Dr Joseph Eiswert has your back! He has 24 hour emergency dental care to make sure you are never left with a broken front tooth or a toothache!

EDUCATION: Dr. Joseph Eiswert graduated from the prestigious Temple University of Philadelphia PA. His training was rigorous and after being a fixture in the Apple Valley and Helendale area he has been given the recognition he deserves from the very people that make the community tick. Smilemakers is the people’s choice. Being voted the best dentist shows how much his dedication is appreciated. Dr. Joseph Eiswert’s continuing thirst for education in the field of dentistry gets the recognition it deserves.You can rest assure that Dr Joseph Eiswert and the Smilemakers team exceed the requirements for dental continuing education. Ask the people of Apple Valley who took the effort to vote Dr. Joseph Eiswert the Best of the Desert.

CLEANLINESS: We take for granted that a health care facility like the local family dentist should be clean. Dr. Joseph Eiswert abides by the strictest sterilization techniques to insure your family is safe. Did you know that the sterilization equipment must be maintained so the sterilization temperatures reach a sustained temperature to kill germs and viruses? Dr. Joseph Eiswert of Apple Valley and Helendale routinely monitor the temperature of their sterilization equipment keeping the people of Apple Valley and Silver Lakes safe. The best dentist of Apple Valley, Dr Joseph Eiswert and the Smilemakers team pledge to live up to the reputation.

FRIENDLINESS: It is true that a friendly dentist does not make a good dentist but friendly staff and caring dentists make visiting the dentist a pleasant experience. Fear is often associated with going to the dentist but not at Smilemakers! Ask the people of AppleValley! Dr. Eiswert has been said to be the friendliest and accommodating dentist in the Apple Valley and the Silver Lakes area. Smilemakers, voted the best dental facility in the Apple Valley community is a total package. Friendliness shines from the moment you make your first visit.

VERSATILITY: Did you ever wonder what makes a dentist the best? Besides being clinically adept, the local family dentist needs to be able to customize creative treatment plans to not only work functionally, but also financially for the patient. Different options take creativity and maximize patient acceptance of dental care. Dr. Joseph Eiswert is a master at creativity and offers several options for you and your family of the greater Apple Valley and Silver Lakes area.

COMMUNICATION: Every step along the way Dr. Eiswert and his caring staff make sure you and your family understand your treatment options and how to care for your mouth, teeth, and oral hygiene. The fun staff of Smilemakers will work with the youngest members of your family providing dental education to all ages. That’s why the people of Apple Valley voted Dr. Eiswert and Smilemakers the best over the rest.

PAYMENT PLANS: Lets face it, superior dentistry can be expensive but if your dentist is not flexible with payment plans, you will never be able to achieve your desired treatment. Smilemakers, voted the best in the desert by people’s choice, is willing to help you through the dental insurance process and if you do not have insurance or if your co pay is a bit over your budget, Dr. Eiswert’s financial coordinator will work with you so you and your family can have the quality dental care they deserve.

THE DOCTOR: Who is behind Smilemakers? Dr. Joseph Eiswert, best cosmetic dentist voted by the people of Apple Valleyis the heart and soul of Smilemakers. Family man Dr. Joseph Eiswert and pilot Dr. Eiswert enjoy life to the fullest. When you look up in the sky, don’t be surprised if you see Dr. Joseph’s distinctive plane proudly displaying the name of the Best Dental clinic in Apple Valley, Smilemakers. Dr. Joseph Eiswert takes pride in the title of Best dentist in Apple Valley and thanks his loyal patients for voting for him. See you at Smilemakers!

Preventative Dental Care

Dr. Eiswert at Smile Makers offers complete preventative dental care for you and your whole family. Preventative dentistry means not waiting to visit Dr. Eiswert until you have a toothache. Painless dentistry is reality at Smile Makers conveniently located in Apple Valley and Silver Lakes especially when you are diligent about your dental appointments. If you have dental insurance there is no excuse to neglect your oral health. Dr. Joseph and his caring staff are in network dental providers for most major dental insurances in the San Bernardino County region. Even if you do not have dental insurance, Dr. Eiswert will see you and your family and work out a payment arrangement that will be acceptable to your budget.

What is Preventative Dental Care?

Preventative dental care is a proactive approach to your dental health. Most patients need to visit the dentist twice a year. These visits entail a thorough dental examination, dental radiographs, and periodontal evaluation. A dental cleaning, scaling and root planing can be performed at the initial visit or will be rescheduled for a later appointment. Any new problems will be addressed immediately. Delay in treatment ultimately leads to bigger dental problems. Large decay can mean dental crowns, and even extraction. There are many benefits to regular dental visits. Just like maintaining anything of value, when you regularly visit Dr. Eiswert, the chances are you will not have an extensive treatment plan.

Home Oral maintenance

Brushing and flossing are the single most important tasks you and our family should try to make a habit. Inter proximal decay or decay between the teeth is quite common for patients that do not abide by preventative care. The tooth brush needs to be the proper size and bristle strength for the brushing process to be effective. Smile Makers in Apple Valley is all about preventative dental education. Our dental hygienists, assistants and of course Dr. Joseph Eiswert is there to educate you and your family on the basics of good oral hygiene. Lasting success and maintenance of your oral cavity at home will lead to decay free visits.

Fluoride and Prevention of Tooth Decay

For the children, fluoride treatments may prevent tooth decay. The fluoride makes the enamel stronger by interacting with the enamel rods in the tooth structure. During preventative dental care at Smile Makers, fluoride may be administered to the tooth enamel. At home, fluoride is found in drinking water as well as toothpaste and mouthwashes. With regular dental examinations, Dr. Eiswert will discuss the necessity of fluoride treatments with you.

The Oral Examination Prevents Oral Cancer and Disease

Dr. Eiswert at Smile Makers in Apple Valley and Silver Lakes is highly skilled in performing oral examinations. The oral examination consists of a thorough palpation of the neck, cheeks, salivary glands gums and back of the throat. When the neck is examined, Dr. Eiswert is making sure there are no enlarged lymph nodes. An enlarged lymph node is a sign of an infectious process or possibly oral cancer. The lining of the cheeks are checked for white spots or lesions, ulcerations lumps or bumps. Any lump or bump in the cheeks can indicate infection or even a salivary gland tumor. The trained eyes of Dr.Eiswert with his years of education goes beyond the dental school years. Dr. Eiswert takes above and beyond the requirements of dental continuing education. For this reason you can feel confident entrusting your family in his hands during an oral examination.

The mouth examination consists of examining the tongue as well. The examination of the tongue is crucial since oral cancer can lurk on the sides of the tongue as painless white patches. This is an area which you may never see or feel until it is too late. The tongue examination is performed by firmly holding the tongue with a piece of gauze. Dr. Eiswert will then pull your tongue out of the mouth to the left and to the right. The incidence of tongue cancer is higher on the lateral or side and the back or posterior of the tongue. Any white spot in this area must be further investigated by biopsy. Other areas of the oral cavity that may be at higher risk of mouth cancer is the back of the lower jaw just behind the last tooth. The is called the retromolar pad.

Who Gets Mouth Cancer?

It is true that people who use smokeless tobacco or chewing tobacco, cigarettes, pipes, and cigars in conjunction with alcohol consumption have a higher incidence of mouth cancer. Be aware however that any lifestyle is not spared by oral cancer. Statistics show that 25% of patients with forms of mouth cancer do not smoke or drink.

Signs Of Oral Cancer

The importance of routine dental visits cannot be stressed enough. Unfortunately like many serious diseases, oral cancer does not hurt. A white patch in suspicious areas such as the side of the tongue, retromolar pad area must not be ignored. Without evaluation from a dental professional, the cancer may go unnoticed by the patient until it is in an advanced state. Any ulcer that does not readily heal in the mouth or white patch needs professional evaluation.

Preventive Dental Care Saves Lives

Research along with technological advances in medicine and dentistry allows dentists and physicians to move closer to spotting early stages of cancer. Small abnormal oral sores or white spots should not be taken lightly. Call Smile Makers and give you and your family every opportunity to have long healthy lives by scheduling your routine dental examination.